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About Tees N’ More

Tees ‘N’ More offers highly competitive pricing on printed and blank apparel items. As a veteran wholesaler and distributor, not only will we guarantee a competitive price point, we will guarantee authenticity and uniqueness in our brand. This will open a whole new realm of custom apparel possibilities for your customer base to choose from and indulge in.

We’ve been supplying retailers with printed and blank apparel, first hand, for over 15 years. Through our established relationships and continual customers we have developed a genuine, proven philosophy.

Our Creative Team

We have highly intuitive graphic designers who are artists and creators first. In terms of creativity we stand alone; the merit of any created piece comes first, which in turn allows all other outside components to fall into place on their own.

Customer Testimonials

Our Partners

We are proud of our partners, and only work with the very best.

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